[VIDEOS} Kim Hyun Joong's onslaught at different airports (2011 Asia Tour)

First of all, I would like to have a LOL with the title... I really find it an "onslaught" because every time that Hyun Joong was arriving at the airport it always turned out that something huge and horrendous was coming.. LOL(again).. "Good fans gone wild".. They were screaming to death... i wonder how it feels like.. And I guesss that's for me to find out when he visit the Philippines this August 25 and 26..

And oh... how can I forgot he's comfy yet ostentatious fashion statement at the airport..With the slippers and capri pants, I think it makes him more seductive and cool. 
Let's start:
Kim Hyun Joong @ Gimpo airport going to Japan

Kim Hyun Joong at the Haneda airport (JAPAN)
credit: fumihkj0606 @ YT
110811 kimhyunjoong fancam-Incheon Int'l airport
credit: Sarah860606 @ YT

Kim Hyun Joong @ TSN airport (Vietnam)
credit: 501 Hyunsaeng @ YT

 Kim Hyun Joong arrived TaoYuan Airport [Taiwan]

credit: TheSherlinda @ YT

Kim Hyun Joong @ Changi airport (SINGAPORE)
credit: 1003radio
Kim Hyun joong @ KLIA airport (MALAYSIA)
credit: kakchik3 @

There you have it.. I might miss some of his airport adventures.. LOL ( I really feel like laughing).. But seeing all these gave me the idea on how am I going to react if I saw him... Most likely, I'll faint.. LOL...

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