All Blown up Kim Hyun Joong

Kpop’s sexiest has already conquered the music world.

Kim Hyun Joong’s comeback solo mini album blew up by landing the number one spot on Kpop’s music charts. His single “Breakdown”crooned to number one on the singles chart (not to mention that his song “Please” also took a spot at the Philippine music chart) at the same time; and the accompanying alluring -music video quickly won over a lot of female fans. But the cute, sexy 25-year-old Korean idol’s success didn’t happen overnight. He worked hard for it (particularly his super sexy body), and persist to make improvements. He always have something for everyone. On or off the stage, Kim Hyun Joong’s impact was remarkable. Lyrically, he try to come up with hot ideas so he can get the audience to feel him. But at the same time, he never change who he is inside. Kim Hyun Joong is a sweet looking idol competing with or surpassing a lot of titles in the industry.

In the recent MNET 20’s choice awards, Kim Hyun Joong delivered an all-new “breakdown” remix routine. At the later part of his performance, he took off his shirt along with a gaudy dance and flaunted an overflowing sexiness regardless of the weather. Different from what you’d expect from him and different from what you’ll get with any other Kpop idols. That is what you call… “a mind-blowing and heart-stopping performance”.

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