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Love Game: summary

It has been 2 years since he returned to her program. He has not done radio for 2 years.
She comments on how good his voice is. Most of the time people talk about KHJ's looks.
She says she is Bi's fan but she was really impressed that there is someone more impressive or as impressive as Bi.
He says that he went through a lot to prepare for the debut...6 months of work, discouragements, slump and recharging. He also thought about quitting and just going back to acting but thought about all the people who worked hard with him. So he slept maybe 3~4 hours and practiced a lot until the debut. To overcome his feelings of discouragement, he just decided to throw hmself into the wrok as there was a goal of the debut date approaching.

He talked the most with KyuJong before he came out as solo as they both have not come out with album at that time. They would get together for soju and talk. KJ also worked hard by trying acting in Musical at this time and his hard work is paying off and that also encouraged him.
KHJ says that Break Down is much better with dance and on the stage.
He was struggling about whether to make BD or Please as title song. But his 2nd stage song will be Kiss Kiss instead of Please because people were showing much more heated enthusiasm for Kiss Kiss. Personally, he likes BD the best.

Someone wrote in that she thought KHJ would be very proud and haughty but she saw him at WeGotMarried and thought him very nice and also has a strong ability to make a living. She wonders if there are other types of misunderstanding that people have about him.
He says that people think that he is a type to go for wines and such. BUt in fact he prefers soju type of food. Even now he says that he drinks about 3 and half to 4 and half bottles. She is surpised that he can drink that much.

Regarding his popularity at youth. He says he had none as he rarely went to school. So he hardly had opportunity to meet girls. He also was not a gentle type of person as youth but a rough, soccer-loving kind of person. In fact, he says that girls were afraid of him. In his youth, his friends included 3 Kim's including himself and all three were considered to have bad personalities. He is still very close to those friends and even now they do not have girlfriends as the personality was mooteukteuk-blunt and not so personable. (It is hard to tell from that statement whether he includes himself among the 2 Kims as not having a gf now. But it also sounds like he is not among them.--Korean language can be so vague!!)

MC says that just because someone is good-looking does not mean that he is popular. She also asks him about his height. He says he grew while he was active in Japan and then he is basically this height even in high school days.

Mc plays the PLEASE which is her favorite.
Regarding his hope for next acting job: he says that playing a smart and rich guy was difficult for him and the characters are kind of far from his true self. He prefers to play a role like Dok GoJin, a comical and playful character, from Greatest Love.

MC felt that KHJ would be better suited for action type of character like WonBin in Ajussi. KHJ says that if he plays a playful character, he would like something really comical and if it is an action actor, he would like to play it more seriously.

It appears that his bday is a national holiday to honor the people who servied the country. So he used to think that flags were flying for his bday. As a elementary student, he would play soccer and eat chicken and pizza. As a jh student he would get money together and eat grilled pork skin and or jjajjangmyun and play soccer. As a high school student, he and his friends tried to imitate adults by getting a soju together and trying some.

His motto is that life is one shot. He does not think about fantasy or past life but that life is now. He is born a KHJ so he will do his best to live well until death. He has a second motto which is that don't be a number one but be the only one.

She recommends that he later come up with a song called Only One and perhaps he can even wirte it. He says he will try.

Currently he goes to his fitness center which has a swimming pool so he swims. To increase breathing he is also practicing holding breath and swimming under water from one end to the next. He says it is an agony doing that so he would not want to broadcast it.

MC asks if there are other celebrities who also frequent it. He says no. It is mostly membered by grandmothers and grandfathers who tend to use the track alot that he feels like he has the entire gym to himself. Most of the members also come early from 6 to 7 AM.

He again talked about his complex about dark circles and becomming too dark due to too much soccer. He also felt that he is no longer idol since he went on air for Knee Master show. (That is the show where he said that he sort of fixed his nose). The fact that he can naturally talk about drinking, shaving, first love and hair cutting means that he is no longer an idol. As an idol, talking about such things was prohibited in the agency.

He also says that he quit smoking on Jan 1 2011. He did relapse once this year but he practices no smiking at this time. He will be touring the music program circle again with Kiss Kiss. He says that he thought that he would be nervous on stage after not working as a singer for a while but he didnot and he really enjoys it very much.
He reads an article that says that as an idol he lived very naturally ane even scolded fans and he hopes to enjoy his old days with other fans who become parents.

KHJ talked about scolding young or old fans who would come around to his house--he really does not care too much for fanatic fans and he also felt that such fans do not stay long as fans. He really like those fans who are considerate of his privacy and even do not try to talk with him or shake his hands on fan signing days and instead tell him to take a break at that time.

These are fans who watch over him from far and he is very grateful to them.
He says that even during his SS group days, he went around doing what he wanted to do even in full make-up. He went to see movies, he even went to amusement parks, etc. He says that there was no real prohibitions set by the agency against him. But the mc who seems to have been part of that old agency says that there was more prohibitions aginst female members.

KHJ says that the president knew everything but did not really say anytning too aginst it. Even going to clubs and such.
KHJ says that he was scared so he did say everything after he did them. He once got into a big trouble because he was late for his schedule. He thought he would die. He says that even if he would get punished, he would anticipate it and still do what he wanted to do anyway. (Is he saying that he was beaten up or something when he was late for a scheduled appt?? As he is talking about his old agency, I sort of get some contradictions. At first he says that he did not have prohibitions but then he saiys that he would anticipate punishment and still did what he wanted to do and then reported to the agency out of fear....Do you know what I mean?)

His plan: Until end of July, he will promote his current album, then in August, he plans to tour about 10 to 12 Asian countries for fan meetings. Then, he is not going to go into acting this year but promote his second album. Mc asks him to return to Love Game to promote his second album.

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