[update] Kim Hyun Joong's "High-five touch event" Philippines

To all Henecians(Philippine Chapter) and those
Kim Hyun Joong fanatic, this is the moment we've been waiting for..

tips for those who want to see him in the airport (NAIA)

♥ he don't want those fans who are screaming and yelling at the airport.
♥ instead of yelling, just try to greet him "annyeong haseyo" (Hi/Hello) or simply bow your head towards him, because he will automatically bows his head back to you.
♥ if ever you want to see him in the airport, better make a good atmosphere.try to organize yourselves and behave.

I know it's very hard to refrain ourselves from being excited but the thing is, if we still try to chase and yell at him the tendency would be no one would never get the chance to at least see him because he used to be in a hurry every time his fans keeps on chasing and following him. It's good for us to show him that Filipino fans are worth visiting for..

these are simple tips from a good friend in PEX
thanks ate meteor!!

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