The Sexiest Abs Winner [KPOP express]

by gellie :http://k-popexpress.com/sexiest-abs-winner/#.TjTbIngvSTA.tweet

It’s time to announce the winner of this week’s poll
We are very thankful to all the fans who participated!
It is an awesome week, which shows the sexiest abs of K-Idols!
On this Poll’s ”The Sexiest Abs!” you chose the male celebrity who have the most hottest, seductive and ultimately sexy Abs!
Keep on supporting your Idols, so they might be the next winner and have a banner of their own in our site.
For a week, you Voted the Korean Idol whom you think have The Sexiest Abs!, the winner who had received almost 800 votes!
The lovely, hottie, seductive and talented Leader!
Kim Hyun Joong of SS501!
Check out his photos that shows some abs – don’t melt ^^!

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